How to uninstall a Robot in a Linux/UNIX environment
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How to uninstall a Robot in a Linux/UNIX environment


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


 How to uninstall the UIM (Nimsoft) Robot on Linux/UNIX servers/environment.


- UIM 8x or higher

- Robot v7.80 or higher


- Administration


Stop the robot processes using "sudo ./niminit stop" (sudo is not required if you login with root) 

Verify/confirm that there are no other Nimsoft process running (ps -eaf | grep -i nim) 

Example processes:

   ./nimbus /opt/nimsoft 




Remove the directory using "sudo rm -rf /opt/nimsoft" (you can choose the location if you installed the robot elsewhere). Be careful not to delete ALL of /opt/nimsoft if this is not just a simple robot, e.g., if its a hub.

Verify whether the robot was removed from IM or not. If it was not removed, you can delete it manually. via Hubs->Robot Tab. Use rt-click->Remove.

Please note that, in case if any of the probe processes are running (installed as part of that particular robot), the robot may not able to be delete via IM. You would need to delete it manually from the IM view.