Queries used by the sqlserver Probe in UIM
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Queries used by the sqlserver Probe in UIM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Queries used by sqlserver probe are provided in this kb article. Running these queries requires sufficient permissions being granted to the user used in sqlserver probe.
This is described in UIM probe document: Access Prerequisites


  • UIM 8.5x. 9.x, 20.x
  • Sqlserver 5.4x


Download the attachment available at the bottom of this KB.

Additional Information

Supported Versions for sqlserver probe 

Supported versions



From the KB (it also has sql queries for older versions).
If SQL Sever is greater then or equal to 2005 i.e 9.00.xxxx then, MSSql90[] or MSSql90NoLock[] will be used. 
If SQL Sever is equal to 2000 i.e 8.00.xxxx, then MSSql80[] or MSSql80NoLock[] will be used.

fg_freespace_with avial_disk and logfile_usage_with_avail_disk query
The fg_freespace_with avial_disk  in the attached document is used for both fg_freespace_with avial_disk and for the logfile_usage_with_avail_disk query
there is an attached sample query that can be used for troubleshooting.

Added metric data calculation for sql server file. 


check_dbalive checkpoint is not a real sql checkpoint. If the probe successfully connects to the database, then it writes a 1 to the QOS, if the probe fails to connect to the database, it writes a 0 and sents an alarm.


1603181537332__Metric data calculation for SQL Server.txt get_app
1583430161340__fg_freeSpace_with_avail_disk.txt get_app
1558534607295TEC1539335.zip get_app