How to resolve a U901 abend
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How to resolve a U901 abend


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Telon Application Generator


Within the CA product, what are the suggestions on resolving a U901 abend?  Which utilities may help?





Telon Application Generator, release 5.1


If a U901 abend occurs, run the JVERFY job to identify (and optionally, delete) any bad or missing blocks it finds.

If you run JVERFY with the DELETE option, you might need to restore selected TDF members from your backups. 

To do this, you must:

  1. Define a set of temporary TDF files.
  2. Reproduce your backup files into these temporary files. 
  3. Export the members that had been deleted through JVERFY DELETE. 
  4. Reimport the members into your permanent TDF files.

If you encountered errors while running JVERFY, please 

  1. Reorganize your TDF files 
  2. Reinitialize your WIP files
  3. Then rerun JVERFY.

The U901 abend is an internal CA Telon Application Generator abend that is returned when a TDF program encounters an error while attempting to perform I/O on a TDF file.