Adding a Request Area or Category Properties to a ticket created via REST call
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Adding a Request Area or Category Properties to a ticket created via REST call


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This document explains the possibilities and limitations of using REST calls to create a ticket which Category or Request Area contains Properties.

Note it is not proposed to provide a sample code to address this request.

Can Request Area or Category Properties be added to a ticket created via REST call?


Service Desk Manager v14.1 and up
Component: CA REST Web Services


In theory, it is possible by following these rules: 

  1. After creating a ticket, the properties should already be there (existent) based on the definition of the Ticket Area/Category, which already has the Properties previously set. This implies that you don't have to create them, as SDM will create them for you. 
  2. Now that the Properties were created, you need to find them. At this point, you can use REST to get their persistent_id and label, and set the values.

However, if you have Mandatory properties in the Request Area, the ticket creation may fail if the mandatory ones don't have a default value.

You could have the mandatory properties with a default value set to resolve this. 

But this could cause another problem: users who open the cases via the SDM interface using these categories would not fill in the correct values (which would then cause a problem related to the customer's process of creating tickets). 

One possible solution would be to create a Web Services object, include it in Rest, and then access the information. 

Another possible solution is to use Maileater to open the ticket instead of Rest API

Additional Information

One way to set a default for a property is to create a property validation rule. The Property Value List has a "Set Default" button, such as for a Validation Rule Type that is set to Dropdown. The docops page that describes "Create Property Validation Rules" is at this link: Define a Category or Area

For guidance on creating codes to manipulate the data, you should go to the Service Management group in the Service Management Community site.