Standard requiring programs be AMODE(31) but many AMODE(24)
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Standard requiring programs be AMODE(31) but many AMODE(24)


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Telon Application Generator


Requiring all programs to be 31-bit (AMODE(31)), but there are a number of AMODE(24) programs in the Telon release 5.x load library.

Will these continue to be shipped as AMODE(24)?



CA Telon Application Generator, releases 5.0/5.1


There are some Telon load modules that we will continue to ship as AMODE(24):

End-user Modules

  • ADLAABT (aliases ADLAAB0, ADLAAB1)
  • ADMAABT (aliases ADMAAB0, ADMAAB1)
The above modules are abend routines designed specifically to be used with 24-bit abend routines. Calls to these routines are generated when the TLNIIS switch ABNORMALT (part of the FEATURE parameter) is set to 2. These modules will never be 31-bit. Their 31-bit (ABNORMALT 3) equivalents are ADLAATR and ADMAATR.
CICS routines
  • ADTAPTBL is the CICS Nonterminal printer routine. If you wish, you may modify and/or relink it.

Telon Gen/Resolve Routines

ADPACOPY, the Telon RESOLVE routine is delivered as AMODE(24) because it interacts with ADUCLIBA, the Librarian interface program, which must be AMODE(24).
Since ADUCPANA, the Panvalet interface program, is also called by ADPACOPY, it must be AMODE(24) as well.
We supply source for our control-card utility, ADPACTLC, as well as the three resolve programs ADPACOPY, ADUCLIBA and ADUCPANA, so you can change and/or relink them if you choose. 

Module Location
All the source code is in the CAWLSRC library.
The linkedit parmeters are in the CAWLLNK library with the same member names.