Unable to view endpoint due to ETA_E_0019 Error decrypting attribute eTDYNPassword In Identity Manager


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When trying to view an endpoint in either the Identity Manager web UI or the Provisioning Manager GUI, the following error occurs: 

Endpoint [ENDPOINT_NAME] read failed: Error decrypting attribute eTDYNPassword: etDYNConnectionURL has been modified since this attribute was encrypted. Please reset the encrypted attribute.

When this error occurs you cannot see the details regarding this endpoint, or modify the endpoint. 


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B


When this error occurs, the password should be changed via an etautil command. Please see the command below: 

Before running this command, replace USER, PWD, MyEndpointType, MyEndpointName, and MyEndpointPwd with the appropriate values for your environment.

etautil -u USER -p PWD -dyn update 'eTNamespaceName=MyEndpointType' eTDYNDirectory eTDYNDirectoryName='MyEndpoint' eTDYNPassword='MyEndpointPwd'