Agile Requirements Designer is Crashing
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Agile Requirements Designer is Crashing


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CA Agile Requirements Designer



When using ARD, I am seeing the program crash and sometimes I am getting the following error messages: ARD has encountered a fatal error: Segment violation or AgileDesigner has stopped working.



Release : All supported

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer



A segment violation error message typically indicates a critical error, that needs development work to be fixed. The error message of 'Runtime exception' and 'Segment violation' are generic and on their own do not point to a specific issue.

The 'AgileDesigner has stopped working' error message is not issue specific. ARD can crash due to a number of reasons. For example, defect (coding) issue, specific VTF (flow) related issue, compatibility issue, memory maximum reached issue, etc. Each crashing issue is typically unique and requires further investigation with our Broadcom Support Team.



Unfortunately there is not a default or common resolution to these error messages, since it typically indicates a problem with the ARD code, versus user or configuration error. We recommend opening a support case so that we can troubleshoot the issue with you further. 

In order to figure out the cause of this instance of the error message or crash, we require the following information:

  1. The exact version of ARD you are using. For example, ARD
  2. Steps to reproduce the issue (if able) or steps you were taking at the time of the error message. Screenshots are always appreciated.
  3. Screenshot or text copy of the error message. 
  4. The VTF (flow/test case) being used at the time of the error/crash. 
  5. The AgileDesigner.log file from C:\%AppData%\Roaming\Grid-Tools\logs 
    • You can also use the 'Save Logs' option under the 'Help' tab. 

Please open a support case by going to Broadcom Support Portal

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