Bopevt Make_New_Delay error message when changing the ticket status
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Bopevt Make_New_Delay error message when changing the ticket status


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When changing a Ticket status, the Analyst is getting the following error in the CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) interface:


After some time, doing the same operation for the same ticket works.

Stdlog file contains the following set of messages:

Spell interp failed at bopevt.spl:2911:evtdly::make_new_delay: Arg mismatch in printf or scanf
ERROR doing delay: bopevt.spl:2911:evtdly::make_new_delay
Error Starting Delay: bopevt.spl:2911:evtdly::make_new_delay
update checkin of cr:2591440 failed: bopevt.spl:2911:evtdly::make_new_delay


CA Service Desk Manager R12.9, R14.1Advanced Availability or Conventional


The SLA Event had the Repeat Delay Time set to 00:00:00.

<Please see attached file for image>



In order to resolve the problem, the Repeat Delay Time should be done as per recommendation from

There is no need to recycle CA Service Desk Manager.

Note only the cases created after the Event has been changed will have the new event setting. For cases opened prior to the change, there is no way to have the Event reflecting the change done.


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