How to install/configure connector server in load balance mode or remove CS Config object
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How to install/configure connector server in load balance mode or remove CS Config object


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This document describes how to set up Connector Server in load balance/failover when in an environment with two or more Provisioning Servers and how to remove a CS Config object.


Identity Manager 14.3, 14.4


There are two ways to configure it:


1) ConnetorXpress UI

2) PSHOME\bin\Csfconfig.exe


This document describes how to configure using option 1, ConnectorXPress UI


1) Open Connector XPress, Start > All Programs > CA > Identity Manager > Connector XPress

2) In the right panel, check if you have a Provisioning Host below "Provisioning Servers"

3) If you have, skip to step #7

4) Right-click on Provisioning Servers and select the "Add Server" option

5) Fill in the attribute displayed below

      Host Name: hostname of your Provisioning Server

      User Domain: usually "im", but if you are not sure, open Provisioning Manager and check the value of "Working domain"

      User Name: super user used to login at Provisioning Server


6) Hit OK button, now your right panel will see like that



7) Click on "+" signal besides of "yourHostName" and inform the super user password

8) Click on "+" signal besides of "im" and "CS Configs"

9) You will see two Connector Servers, one CCS and other JCS

10) Let's create a new CCS, right click on "CS Configs" and select the "New CS Config" option

11) Fill in the attributes displayed below

       Descriptive Name: The name which will be displayed below "CS Configs", a good sample CCS_HostnameOfYourOtherConnectorServer

       Connector Server Hostname: Hostname of your other Provisioning Server where the Connector Server was installed

       Password: Password to connect to Connector server


Note: The Provisioning Server field is optional. If blank then the CSConfig object applies to all Provisioning Servers, but if populated then the CSConfig object applies only to the listed Provisioning Server


12) Hit the OK button

13) You have configured the CCS for loading balance/failover.


Repeat the same procedure to the other Connector Server


If there are any CS Config objects pointing to non-existing Connector Servers you should remove those CS Config objects.

Additional Information

Some customer had some problems with ADS endpoint while stopping one Connector Server, if you have this problem do the following:

1) Expand "Endpoint type"

2) Right-click on ActiveDirectory and select "Set Managing CS"

3) Hit CTRL key and select both CCS and hit OK button



Common Problems

- No Managing CS for an EndpointType or Endpoint

      Make sure you set a Managing CS for that EndpointType

- Some Endpoints don’t work too well with load balance CS

      SAP: may be “locked” while being updated (concurrent)

      Exchange: CAM may get “confused” under heavy load

- Trying to reset a C++ CS Object Password from ConnXP UI

      This can only be done for Java CS Object Password, with C++ CS you need to use the pwdmgr.exe utility to first set the new password there

- CSConfig Object password mismatch from actual Connector Server

- CSConfig Object pointing to non-reachable Connector Server (firewall restrictions, decommissioned server, etc)