Unable to get thread dump if the total Stack Trace exceeded the configured size.
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Unable to get thread dump if the total Stack Trace exceeded the configured size.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



 Not able to collect Agent Thread Dumps when the Stack Trace size exceeds the configured size.

 When trying to create the Thread Dump from Introscope Workstation an error is thrown.


 " Thread Dump is Huge size:16,659.  The total Stack trace exceeded configured size of 12,000."

<Please see attached file for image>




 CA APM 9.6.x , CA APM 9.7.x , CA APM 10.x


 This is NOT a Defect. This was designed intentionally based on the requirement.

 Taking a thread dump from Agent side is a costly activity and this is controlled through introscope.agent.threaddump.MaxStackElements properties.
 If you want to take a heap dump more than the size specified in the property file, the agent gives a pop up message and NO HEAP dump is  generated.  

 This is by design.


 Currently, there is no workaround nor solution.

 You can configure the max # of stack elements to 25,000. However, if the thread dump exceeds this, we do not return a truncated dump.


 Additional Information:

 If you want to capture a partial dump, please submit an Enhancement Request.


 To open an enhancement request, here are the steps:

 1. Go to the site below and login with your credentials.


 2. On the top right hand side, click on the word "Communities", then "CA APM"

 3. On the top banner bar, click on the pencil icon, and from the popup menu, select "Idea".

 4. Give the idea a heading, and description, select appropriate categories, then click Publish to submit your Enhancement.





Release: CEMUGD00200-10.2-Introscope to CA Application-Performance Management-Upgrade Mai


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