VM:Schedule Configuration File Record Summary
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VM:Schedule Configuration File Record Summary


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VM:Schedule Configuration File Record Summary 



Configuration records you use to implement and customize CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0.



CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0.



The following list summarizes the configuration records you use to implement and customize CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0.

·         AUTHORIZ
Grants authorizations to specified user IDs

·         BUSINESS
Defines business days

·         CLASS
Defines classes

·         CLOCKCHK
Guards against incorrect CPU clock setting

·         DELAY
Sets a default period between request scheduling and execution

·         DUMP
Specifies whether a dump is taken and where it is routed if CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0 abends

·         JOURNAL
Controls password prompting

·         MESSAGE
Specifies the CP command that is used to send messages

·         MSGCASE
Specifies whether CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0 messages are in all upper case or mixed case

·         MONITOR
Configures the request-monitoring facility

·         PRODUCT
Identifies and activates the interface with another CA product

·         PURGE
Specifies how long a completed or canceled request remains in the CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0 database

·         QUARTERS
Defines a calendar quarter in which requests can be run

·         RANGE
Identifies by name a range of dates or times in which requests can be run

·         RELEASE
Specifies a virtual machine to be autologged and a request to be run during CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0 initialization

·         RETRY
Specifies how long CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0 waits between autolog attempts

·         SHIFT
Identifies by name a span of times during which requests can be run

·         SPOOLTO
Specifies an alternative user ID to receive spooled message files

·         SYSOPER
Identifies the CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0 operator

·         USEREXIT
Specifies user exits to receive control at various points in CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0 operation

·         WEEKEND
Defines weekend days

·         WITHIN
Specifies the default time within which CA VM:Schedule™ 2.0 must successfully autolog a virtual machine



Additional Information:

VM:Schedule's configuration records are documented in the VM:Schedule Administrator’s Guide located at https://docops.ca.com/display/VMD20/Administrators





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