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ASMA303W Multiple address resolutions may result from this USING and the USING


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During the install of a usermod for an exit to CA 1 it assembles with a warning message:

ASMA303W Multiple address resolutions may result from this USING and the USING

This is causing the APPLY to fail because the assembly does not end with a RC 00.



The code for the exit must begin with the following assembler directive


If this is missing you will get the Warning message about possible USING problems.



Component: 1


The samples for the exits provided during the install of rel 14.0 do have the *PROCESS OVERRIDE(USING(NOWARN))  directive as the first statement.  Be sure to move your code into the new samples and not just copy your older release of the exit to rel 14.0 because it will not have this assembler directive.  The *PROCESS OVERRIDE(USING(NOWARN)) statement must be the first statement in your source for the exit.