Hints on JMX wildcard for Weblogic.
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Hints on JMX wildcard for Weblogic.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



 We provide default JMX filters for Weblogic. However you may want to expand the monitoring to add extra MBean attributes.

This is a run-through of the filter configuration based on one customer problem scenario particular to retrieving data for the JDBCDataSourceRuntime.



 The steps assume this option is enabled to remove Type and Name from JMX metrics:




 Testing was accomplished on Weblogic 10.3.6 using the sample Medrec application on Windows 2008 server with APM 10.2 agent, Java 1.6.

Only changes in the Weblogic version are likely to affect this process.



 1. Check for all available attribute names for the MBean. This would be verified by either:

 a. running the agent with no JMX filter


  • introscope.agent.jmx.name.filter=

       or commenting out the property would have the same effect

  • #introscope.agent.jmx.name.filter=ThreadPoolRuntime:ExecuteThreadIdleCount [..]


 b. Using a separate tool such as JConsole to review the MBean data



 a. Review the metric name for two selected additions to the filter:




  • For the first metric, we have no part that we need to wildcard. So we can simply add the following (the last part of the metric) to the filter:



  • For the second metric, we have a datasource specifier of MedRecGlobablDataSourceXA, but this is application specific.


 b. Compare the filter for similar JMX metrics already in the filter:



 So to add a filter for the above metric for all data sources we would add



As an aside, you can make the filter for just that datasource by basically copying the last few segments of the metric name



  • A filter for just the two original metrics would look like this:




3. The point is to be careful about the wildcard, we had seen it configured as:



 which is incorrect as the part we need to wildcard is before the colon (:) not after it.


 Additional information

 Documentation on JMX configuration for Weblogic







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