adminconsoleapp archive error when attempting to download probes from the Web Archive


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Cannot download probes from the web archive from the 8.47 AdminConsole (AC2) when there is a proxy server in the environment. The following error appears when a probe download is attempted:

Caution:  A connection to the web archive can not be obtained


The webgtw probe was not installed to provide the AC2 with the proxy server information required to access the UIM Web Archive through the proxy server.


UIM Server 8.47 and adminconsoleapp version 8.47


1.  Deploy the webgtw 8.00 probe to the primary hub

2.  Configure the proxy server using the webgtw probe's Configure page in AC2, save the changes, and restart the webgtw probe

3.  Open the Raw Configure GUI for the wasp probe running AC2 and add the UIM address of the webgtw probe to the webgtw_address key in the webapps/adminconsole/custom/uncrypted section of the wasp probe

4.  Restart the wasp probe running AC2

Additional Information

See the Configure Admin Console to Use a Proxy Server  and Configuring webgtw UIM Wiki document pages for more details