Using FCYCLE to recycle task and its dependencies
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Using FCYCLE to recycle task and its dependencies


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Is there a process, similar to FCYCLE, that will allow us to cycle a task and its dependents?

For Example: There was production problem where CA7 needed to be bounced. It has a subreq of the software NXT (NXT has CA7 as a prereq). After the bounce of CA7, the connection to NXT was detached and NXT was just spinning. Operations wanted to know why didn't the FCYCLE recycle NXT and prevent the outage.

The solution is to always cycle NXT when CA7 is cycled.

The most effective resolution for this issue is to setup the action table so that when CA7 is being forced cycled (SSM FCYCLE JOB=CA7) the action to also FCYCLE JOB=NXT is performed.

 1. Go to OPSVIEW option 4.11.A and select(S) the STC_TBL action table.
 2. View (V) the DOWN actions for the task with the dependents
 3. Insert (I) the Down actions for the dependent task.
 For the example problem, do this, in the STCTBL_ACT, simply REPEAT the existing MATCH DOWN DOWN FCYCLE action and add the following action:
 Action_Process: MATCH
 Action_Current: DOWN
 Action_Desired: DOWN
 Action_Mode: FCYCLE
 Action_Res_Type: CA7

Additional Information:
Adding the Action_Res_Type = CA7 will cause SSM to pick this action_text from the default MATCH DOWN DOWN action and this action_text includes a FCYCLE of the NXT job.

Note that CA7 and NXT should be the same values used in the NAME or TYPE column for those resources.

How to Use the Action Table Editor to Create and Maintain SSM Action Tables (Option 4.11.A)




Release: PVLA2.00200-12.1-OPS/MVS-Event Management & Automation-for JES2