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TIM Appears to be Monitoring the Wrong Networking Interface and cannot be Updated in the TIM U.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


 TIM appears to be monitoring the wrong networking interface and cannot be updated in the TIM UI.


Transaction Impact Monitor (TIM) versions 10.x


 To correct this issue, try recreating the internal files TIM uses to determine which networking interfaces to monitor. Log into the TIM and issue the following commands:

 # service tim stop
 # service apmpacket stop
 # > /opt/CA/APM/apmpacket/config/clients/
 # > /opt/CA/APM/tim/config/interfacefilter.xml

 The latter two commands clear and interfacefilter.xml without deleting the files themselves. At this point, verify the correct networking interfaces are present and running using ifconfig. Once verified, restart the Tim by issuing the following commands:

 service apmpacket start
 service tim start

 Once the TIM is restarted, the networking interfaces monitored by the Tim can be configured by going to http://<TIM_Computer_Name or IP_Address>:<Port_Number>/cgi-bin/ca/apm/tim/index , clicking Tim Setup, then Configure Tim Network Interfaces. Select the correct interface(s) and save the changes.

Additional Information

As always, contact CA Support if you have any questions.