Using the PAM SOAP operator when a proxy server is in use.
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Using the PAM SOAP operator when a proxy server is in use.


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The PAM Soap Operator accesses the internet to find the wsdl URL provided in the properties of the operator.  If a proxy server is involved to access the internet, the soap call may fail with a timeout error or even a permissions issue.  So we need to add the proxy server information to the PAM configuration in order for PAM to know how to access the internet


Release: ITPASA99000-4.3-Process Automation-Add On License for-CA Server Automation


1) On the PAM Orchestrator, browse to the PAM install directory and to server\c2o\bin

2) Open the c2osvcw.conf file for editing.

3) You will see some lines.  Find the last of these lines and add the following lines after that:

In the above lines, it is assumed that was the last line in the file so we added 20-23.  Make sure the numbers for the new lines are in order based on the last entry in your file for

4) Save the file and restart the PAM Orchestrator service.  Now the Soap Operators should be able to successfully access your proxy server.

If using an SSL proxy server, you will need to use -Dhttps instead of -Dhttp for the proxy host and proxy port lines, and add the following two lines to the file located in \c2o\.config


Additional Information

The above steps can also be performed on an agent.  Make sure to edit the c2oagtsvcw.conf file on the agent install.  The format for the agent lines is identical to the Orchestrator.