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DB Step producing error while running


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We created a "Database execution step" to select data from database. When we execute the step, getting an error as below:


java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column type: getString/getNString not implemented for class oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CBlobAccessor at oracle.jdbc.driver.Accessor.unimpl( 

at oracle.jdbc.driver.BlobAccessor.getString( 

at oracle.jdbc.driver.GeneratedStatement.getString( 

at oracle.jdbc.driver.GeneratedScrollableResultSet.getString( 

at com.itko.lisa.jdbc.JDBCResultSetCache.getRowData( 

at com.itko.lisa.jdbc.JDBCResultSetCache.<init>( 

at com.itko.lisa.jdbc.JDBCNode.makeGenericCall( 

at com.itko.lisa.jdbc.JDBCNode.executeSQL( 

at com.itko.lisa.jdbc.JDBCNodeEditor.doExec( 

at com.itko.lisa.jdbc.JDBCNodeEditor$6.doCallback( 

at com.itko.util.swing.panels.ProcessingDialog$ 

at Source)


 Oracle JDBC Driver 11g Release 2 (11.2) no longer supports getString() method for retrieving BLOB column values using ojdbc7 driver, so to resolve the problem is to not use " select * " and select only none-blob type columns in the select statement.


Devtest 9.5Database: Oracle 11g Release2 and Release 12c


Modified database query in "Database execution step" with required column names (instead of giving * for select query) and run the test case.