Common reasons of why the MDB or Manager upgrade fails.
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Common reasons of why the MDB or Manager upgrade fails.


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First you need to check if the MDB was upgraded. The query below list the version of the MDB.

    use mdb
      select * from ca_settings
      where set_id = 903


CA Client Automation - All Versions


Some common reasons/suggestions used to avoid any MDB/Domain Manager upgrade problem:

  1.   Copy the Media locally, don't run from DVD drive or shared Drive.
  2.   Check the size of the Media folder and the Number of files, some ZIP or ISO programs can delete 0 byte files.
  3.   Make sure your Windows Account has sysAdmin rights in SQL
  4.   Make sure the SQL Server has Mixed Mode Authentication enabled, so Windows and local SQL accounts can login.
  5.   Make sure you are using the correct Servername, SQL Port and Instance
  6.   Login into SQL using FQDN and Windows account. 
  7.   If the SQL Server is a remote MDB, than do the MDB upgrade locally on the SQL Server, then do the Manager upgrade on the Manager locally.
  8.  Make sure the path to the media is short, with NO space (Example : d:\ITCM)
  9.   Delete all files and Folder in %TEMP% folder, newer OS's might will have a %TEMP%\<number> folder. Don't delete that folder, but delete the files in it.
  10.   Delete ..CA\DSM\Database folder
  11.   Rename ..CA\SC\Mdb folder
  12.   Rename ..CA\DSM\DSMrecovery.ini