End-User Cannot Find their Report in CA View.
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End-User Cannot Find their Report in CA View.


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Deliver View



Client has a report defined in CA Deliver, for which the corresponding application job runs.

The end-user does not see this report in CA View.

What happened to the report?


Environment: z/OS



The last time that the client's report was processed through Deliver, it showed to have a sysout class of X. 

The X matched what is in the client's RMOPARM SYSCLSL=XY, and the report was pre-spool processed. 

Since that run, the application job JCL was changed for the report to have a sysout class assignment of J (from the jobcard MSGCLASS=J and DD SYSOUT=*). 

With that, Deliver did not process the job.

The output sent to the spool was collected by CA View, under the Jobname.



The client changed the application job JCL back to SYSOUT=X (from SYSOUT=*).

Deliver then processed the report under the intended Report ID.

CA View will collect a sysout by Jobname, if there is no WRITER or OUTPUT statement information provided that would otherwise assign the Sysout ID. 



Release: OUTDTI00200-12.2-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO