ACO Parameter LegacyStreamingBehavior for Apache Web server
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ACO Parameter LegacyStreamingBehavior for Apache Web server


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This document explains an ACO parameter "LegacyStreamingBehavior"
which is applicable for Apache Web server. It also explains a
recommended settings for chunked content-type or big data transfer on
POST Request.




If you are using an Apache web server, you can control how content is
transferred to the server during POST requests with the parameter

(1) Default values is "No". All content types are spooled

(2) If the value is set to "Yes", all content types are streamed,
    except for the following:

    - text/xml
    - application/x-www-form-urlencoded

In the case of (1) Default "No", if Chunked content type is used, or
if big data is transferred, then the transferred data are spooled
temporarily on the computer where Apache Web server is
installed. Sometimes this causes less performance of Apache Web
Server/Web Agent.
In such cases, the setting of LegacyStreamingBehavior="Yes" is
recommended so that most types of content is streamed in POST


Additional Information


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