At startup a we receive the following B78-5C abend.
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At startup a we receive the following B78-5C abend.


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How do we resolve the SB78-5C at startup of CA Opera?


You will see some dump diagnostics produced at startup that look similar to this:

 Abend Code: SB78 - U0000 *
* *
* PSW at Time of Abend: 070C1000 8151B9C0 *
* Registers at Time of Error: *
* *
* R0 - R3 84000000 84B78000 00C6D938 0000F100 *
* R4 - R7 008FF208 008FF180 815169C0 00FBCE80 *
* R8 -R11 00000000 000002E8 00000000 7FFFDC10 *
* R12-R15 00000080 00006910 0000991C 0000005C *

CAIW001I CA-Opera Subsystem Now Terminating
CAIW002I CA-Opera Subsystem Termination Complete


Note that you will see the 5C in REG 15 so your abend will be a sB78-5C

The quick solution is as follows:

In order to run CA Opera, you will need to specify VSM ALLOWUSERKEYCSA(YES)
in your SYS1.PARMLIB(DIAGnn) member.              

However, the proper course of action is to apply CA OPERA 3.1 PTFs RO77914/RO77906 rather than setting ALLOWUSERKEYCSA=YES.


Additional Information:

Solution QI90794 documents the cause of the problem in detail and should be reviewed.                        


Release: OPERA.00200-3.1-Opera