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Siteminder agent will not load on windows server. This used to work but broke 3 days ago. We checked paths and permissions, they seem to be correct.

The following error is in the event viewer. 


Unable to load SiteMinder host configuration object or host configuration file.

C:\Program Files\netegrity\webagent\config\SmHost.conf


In the SMPS Server Log the following information messages are generated. 

Bad security handshake attempt. Handshake error: 3154

Handshake error: Shared secret incorrect for this client

Failed handshake with ::ffff: 

NOTE: The IP address noted in the SMPS Log is the IP address of the SSO Agent Web Server. 


The shared secrete in the SMHOST.conf file may not be accepted by the policy server. 


Windows 2003/2008/2012 64 or 32 Bit.IIS 6/7x/8x


Running smreghost to re-register the agent should resolve this issue. 

smreghost -i policy_server_IP_address:[port] -u administrator_username -p administrator_password -hn hostname_for_registration -hc host_configuration_object

Example: smreghost -1 -u siteminder -p suPassword -hn AgentName -hc c:\path\to\smhost.conf