Service Management Internet Access Requirements
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Service Management Internet Access Requirements


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Which applications in the CA Service Management Suite (including related components such as Process Automation or Embedded Entitlements Manager) require their servers to have internet access?


Release: SMITAM99000-14.1-Service Management-IT Asset Manager Package


None of the Service Management applications or their related components explicitly require access outside of the intranet (i.e. the corporate network in which the application servers are located).

There are scenarios, however, in which internet access might be required.  Some examples include:

  • Users who are not on the corporate network or are not using a VPN are accessing the application.
  • There are multiple application servers, and some of these servers are located in the network DMZ or are otherwise not a part of the intranet.
  • The application is (or will be) configured to connect to an email server that is not a part of the intranet.
  • The application is configured to request information from outside sources (e.g. a custom PAM process, customizations that have external dependencies, etc.).

Please note that these examples are not comprehensive, and you should conduct thorough testing before restricting internet access in a production environment. Tools such as WireShark can be used to track which IP addresses are being accessed from a server, and this can help determine which applications may be communicating with those IP addresses.  If you have any concerns regarding this process, please contact CA Support for further assistance.