Alarms not displayed on secondary UMP node


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


When a multiple-node UMP is deployed in an environment where the secondary UMP node robot reports to a hub other than the primary (UIM Server) hub, alarms will not be displayed in UMP on the secondary node.  This includes list views, dashboards, and USM.


There is an issue with the wasp probe where it assumes that the Trellis probe will be located on the hub that its robot reports to.  Since Trellis only exists on the primary hub, and multiple instances of Trellis cannot be deployed in a single environment, the alarm API calls will fail.


UIM 8.47Multiple UMP nodes deployedAny platform/database


Four hotfixes must be deployed to both UMP nodes: 

All of these are available on the UIM Hotfix Index page.


Additional Information

This is expected to be resolved in UMP 8.5.