Events not running on newly added cpuid.
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Events not running on newly added cpuid.


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FAQS - Automated Systems Operation



We have added a new CPU and we cannot get the events to run. They go into a SCHD status but nothing happens. Why does this occur?


1. Check the actual cpuid by issuing the SIR command on the VSE console or from the CA FAQS/ASO console. It will show the CPUID for VSE and VM machine (if VSE   is  running under VM). Ignore the first two bytes and use the next six,  for example, if the SIR command shows 

     CPUID  VSE = FF030047...... then use 030047.   

 2. If you are using a SYNONYM name then make sure the CPUID NODEID SYNONYM TABLE is setup correctly.

    Select option 'O' - Configuration Options from the main CA FAQS PCS for z/VSE panel and then select option 'D' -  CPUID Synonyms & Nodes  

    Each name and CPUID can be defined in the table only once.  

3. Verify the CPUID is defined correctly in the 'Event CPUid' field in the event maintenance panel. 






Release: FQ/FL.00100-5.1-FAQS-Automated Systems Operation