Listing all "Saved Searches" in Service Desk Manager
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Listing all "Saved Searches" in Service Desk Manager


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From Service Desk Manager 14.1 RU2 onwards, users may save their common Search queries. This saves entering repetitive information for common Searches.

Search Filters are selected, and then "Save As" may be used to Save the Search Filters.

An Administrator may wish to review these queries.

For example:

  • Identify the quantity and type of Saved Searches present.
  • Are there common queries that may be entered permanently onto the Scoreboard?
  • Identify the owner of specific Saved Searches.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License and higher
Component:  Classic Web UI


Saved Searches were introduced in ITSM 14.1 C2 (14.1.02).

Note that this Option (DISABLE_SAVED_SEARCHES) may be disabled by an Administrator. 

You should clear browser caches after this change - see the Wiki documentation below.


The table Cr_Stored_Queries (crsq) is updated when a Saved Search is done.

Saved Searches are differentiated from other Stored Queries in this table by having the field "uf_saved_search" set to "1" when a user creates a Saved Search.


To see all Saved Searches:

From the "Stored Query List" under Administration, Service Desk, Application Data, Stored queries, enter the following Additional Search Argument:

uf_saved_search = 1

Note that you may open any Saved Search and the "Last Modified By" Contact will most likely be the Saved Search author. 

Or if you wish to extract these from a command prompt:

pdm_extract -f "select * from Cr_Stored_Queries where uf_saved_search ='1'" > Cr_Stored_Queries__Saved_Search.txt

Note: Run these with Administrator access, as the web client and pdm_extract obey security. Otherwise you'll only see what you are restricted to.


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