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Seeing error "Unable to process request at this time, please try again later" upon AXA (MAA) Tomee Server Start Up.


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CA App Experience Analytics


We have just installed CA App Experience Analytics (Formerly known as MAA) 15.4 and observed following errors being repeated in the log upon start up:

<Please see attached file for image>



In general, this error is indicating that the connection among the CA App Experience Analytics components has not been established successfully. It could be due to various reasons, for example:

  • The components may have yet to be completely started up
  • The connection to the JMS Broker might be broken
  • There may be some Database connection errors or Active MQ errors.


CA App Experience Analytics (Formerly known as MAA) 15.4


In general, this error will be logged continuously during start up, until all the CA App Experience Analytics components have completed its start up and are able to communicate with each other via JMS successfully. This process usually takes about 10 minutes or so. The error message should stop once all the connections between the components are established successfully.

If the error still persists long after 10 minutes from start up, then it may indicate an actual problem in one of the components. You may want to check the following logs to determine if there is any problem/error in each of the components:

Installation Log:
 - CA-MAA-<release_number>-install-<timestamp>.log

Database Log:
 - CA_MAA_DB_Install.log

Web Components Log:
 - ca-ess-filter.log

Application Components Log:
 - ca-mdo-server-log.txt
 - ca-mdo-aggregator-log.txt
 - ca-mdo-collector-log.txt
 - ca-ess.log
 - ca-notify.log
 - ca-uds.log and ca-ana.log

Additional Information

The following KB article discusses about one of the possible root cause involving the User Data Service component:

Seeing error "Unable to start User Data Service. Ensure that the bootstrap is complete before starting User Data Service." in the CA App Experience Analytics ca-uds.log


The following section in the CA App Experience Analytics User Guide mentioned about this error:

ERROR - TID[0] 5211303: Unable to process request at this time, please try again later


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