I created an additional webengine, but cannot access it from IIS
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I created an additional webengine, but cannot access it from IIS


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In Service Desk Manager 12.9 and 14.1 it's possible to create multiple webengines for a single server. After creating a webengine to use "pdmweb3.exe" or any higher value you may find that the webengine may not be reachable from IIS and a 404 Not Found will be received. The page will successfully connect from the Tomcat port.         




1. Log into the Service Desk Manager server and browse to the installation folder. Go into bopcfg\www\wwwroot

2. Make a copy of the file "pdmweb.exe" within the same folder, name the copy as "pdmweb3.exe" (or any additional pdmwebs needed)

3. Launch the IIS Manager (this can be done by running the command inetmgr)

4. Within IIS Manager select the node with the server's name in the left side of the screen.

5. In the right panel a list of Features will display, open "ISAPI and CGI Restrictions"

6. Within this feature create a new entry

For the path value browse to the location of the pdmweb3.exe (be certain to change the file type from "dll" to "exe")

For the description add a description

Check the "Allow extension path to execute" box

Click OK

7. A restart of IIS should not be necessary, but you can run the command "iisreset" to perform a recycle of IIS if desired



Additional Information:

For information on the steps to add a webengine you can find an example in this document:



Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License