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Vertica backup failing


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When running the vertica backup it fails with the following error:

"When communicating with vertica, the process failed with code 1 backup failed!"


As the error is generic, you should run the backup with the --debug3 flag:


/opt/vertica/bin/ --task backup --config-file /path to .ini file/<filename>.ini --debug=3 

This identified the following error:

vsql: FATAL 3781: Invalid username or password 

Cannot connect to vertica database, please check server status or db parameters 

backup failed! 




To resolve, simply review the .ini file that was created to run the backup and change either the dbUser value or the password in the passwordFile, or possibly both.  The dbUser should be set to the same user that you use to open adminTools.  After doing this just rerun the backup and it should complete successfully