ENDE095E $FPGR passed a RC of X'0008/18'
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ENDE095E $FPGR passed a RC of X'0008/18'


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After removing two environments from our C1DEFLTS table, have experienced two instances thus far of users receiving Processor Group Errors.  In looking at one of the errors, there is a reference back to the deleted environment (IMGR253E  SEGMENT FOUND WITH INVALID INVENTORY ).  How can this be handled?   


There were element catalog entries for elements remaining in the environments before they were removed from the C1DEFLTS.


Release: ENDAE.00200-12-Endevor-Software Change Manager


Run the Catalog Sync job - BC1JCSYN, in CSIQJCL to synchronize element catalog. 

If the elements had been deleted prior to removing those environments, the catalog entries would be deleted, and there would be no problem. Elements in the catalog, but not in any environment, can result in this error.