Excessive I/O EXCPs for the Tomcat Started Task With CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 for USS


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There is High CPU and I/O utilization on the idling Tomcat server. When looking at the resource usage in SDSF, it seems that the Tomcat Started Task is incurring a very high amount of I/O EXCPs even when idle.  Also, the Web Viewer Tomcat started task is using over 10 times as many EXCPs as the CA DRAS started task which is responsible for all of the I/O against the CA View repositories. 


Unix System Services


Set the Tomcat configuration parameter autoDeploy="false" in file server.xml of the USS Tomcat conf directory that was created during installation of CA Output Management Web Viewer. For example:


Note: File server.xml contains ASCII data.

If you are running z/OS 1.9 or higher, ISPF Edit can be used to edit file server.xml by specifying its pathname in field "Other... z/OS UNIX file" and selecting option "Edit ASCII data" located in the lower right-hand corner of the Edit Entry Panel.

If you are running a z/OS release before 1.9, you will need to download file server.xml to a PC for editing. After editing, you will need to upload the file to z/OS.

You must restart the Tomcat server for the new setting to take effect.