Certifying CA GEN release 8.0/8.5 with z/OS 2.2
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Certifying CA GEN release 8.0/8.5 with z/OS 2.2


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Regarding Compatibility with z/OS 2.2, the Compatibility Matrices states that the certification is still to be determined (TBD).

Are there any reported problems or compatibility concerns?



CA GEN releases 8.0 and 8.5



We have had no reported problems and no compatibliity issues with CA GEN 8.0/8.5 and z/OS 2.2.

Please see Chapter 7 of the Release Notes Guide, CA GEN Support and Certification Policy for z/OS on page 49: 

CA will support any current version of Gen (for those operations expressly supported by Gen) with all releases currently also supported by IBM. For example, if Gen is released when supported IBM z/OS versions are 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12, Gen will support those versions at that time. If z/OS 1.13 is subsequently released and z/OS 1.10 is dropped during the Gen releases supported lifetime, the now supported versions would be 1.11, 1.12 and 1.13, and support for z/OS 1.10 is withdrawn. 

CA will not provide material support to assist in the operation of Gen on non-supported releases of these IBM products, regardless of their status at the time the currently supported Gen release(s) were first made available. So, in the above example where support for z/OS 1.10 is withdrawn, any current CA Gen release(s) would no longer be supported on that release of z/OS. CA will perform certification testing only at major version changes for these products. 



Release: KGNDDL99000-8.5-Gen-DBP Developer License