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PMA-0021: You do not have sufficient rights to view this idea in PPM


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Despite having the 'Idea - Edit Financial Information All' global right and the required navigate rights in CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM), unable to access the financials page on the Idea record and get the below error:

PMA-0021: You do not have sufficient rights to view this idea. 

However, you can access the Financials page when you add the 'Idea - View Financial Information All' global right. 

Another way to reproduce this issue:

  • Once you set a subpage in the idea with secure option, add the permissions to access the subpage.
  • However, once you access the subpage the following error appears:

PMA-0021: You do not have sufficient rights to view this idea




This error appears because you need to add additional permissions (adding subpage permissions or just 'Idea - Edit Financial Information All but not 'Idea - View Financial Information') will not be enough.

If there is an Out of the Box (OOTB) subpage, you will need to add permission to edit or view the attributes also.



Ensure the user has the below access rights (these are the access rights at the Global level, the access can also be instead be granted at the instance or OBS level to limit access to only certain Ideas):

To view the subpage: 

  • Idea - View Financial Information All 
To edit the subpage:
  • Idea - View Financial Information All 
  • Idea - Edit Financial Information All
(To edit the subpage, both view and edit access is required, as defined in the documentation at: Financial Access Rights for Ideas. Excerpt from the documentation below:
Allows resources to edit financial properties of all ideas. This right allows the resource to view the Financial subpage only for those ideas to which the resource has access. This access right does not allow the resource to view all the ideas.

If the subpage is secure, just having the below access rights is not sufficient. Example below:

<Please see attached file for image>



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