SNMP v3 discovery of device, shows only ICMP response


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Discovery of device, using an SNMP v3 profile, only responds to ICMP


The settings in the SNMP v3 profile may be incorrect


CA Performance Management, all versions


See if you can get a walk of the device, with a 3rd party tool, using the information from the SNMP v3 profile that you had created (using sapwalk2, in this case)


sapwalk -i -v v3 -s -n 2 -u xxxxxx -xt SHA -xa xxxxxx -xp xxxxxx -p 161 -l AP

#sapwalk2: ver 2.12 

#Copyright (c) 1994-2010 SIMPLESOFT Inc. 

#Address=, StartOid= 

#TimeOut=90000, MaxRetries=3, CompareFlag=0 

#args: -i -v v3 -s -n 2 -u xxxxx -xt SHA -xa xxxxx -xp xxxxx -xe AES128 -p 161 -l AP 

Error: Received unexpected Report PDU[]. walk stopped


The error received above indicates an incorrect auth password, or incorrect auth type (MD5/SHA).
Please check the settings and try again.

You may need to put the authentication and privacy passwords in-between single quotes ( ' ).


sapwalk2 -i XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -v v3 -s 1 -u AuthPrivUser -l AP -xt MD5 -xa 'authpassword' -xp 'privpassword' –xe DES -o device_mib.walk


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