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After a silent installation of the System Agent release 11.3 SP5 on Win2012, process cybAgent does not start


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We installed the System Agent release 11.3 SP5 on Windows 2012 with below command:

 setup.exe -f c:\temp\


The installation was successful but later on, the System Agent did not start with no error message.


System Agent Release 11.3 SP5 on Windows 2012 R2.But it might happen with any other maintenance level on any platform.


By looking into the agentparm.txt file, the below option was missing:

# Allow agent to start with no managers defined 



If this option is not set or set to false, the System Agent won't start because there is no defined manager in the agentparm.txt file.


1)   For this already installed agent, you can add option option  communication.nomanagers.abort.disable=true in the agentparm.txt file. During the first connection between the Autosys Scheduler and the System Agent, the manager entries will be automatically added at the end of the agentparm.txt file by the System Agent itself.


2)   If you have several agents to install in silent mode, look into the response file and set it with: 




NUM_MANAGER_4=No Managers 


       Then run the installation is Silent mode.

Additional Information

Additional information about the System Agent here: