CA Job Management Adapter for SAP 3.2 jobs fail with error: Aborted, Signal 17
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CA Job Management Adapter for SAP 3.2 jobs fail with error: Aborted, Signal 17


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The CA Job Management Adapter for SAP (CAJMASAP) 3.2 job fails with  "Aborted, Signal 17" error., however the job completes properly in SAP.

Even the job status in WCC reports the error "Aborted, Signal 17", in the Job runs (QVIEW).



CA Workload Automation AE (Autosys) 11.3.6 with SAP adapter version 3.2


The cause for this error is the default heartbeat settings of the CAJMASAP.

By default, every minute the CAJMASAP sends out 'HEARTBEAT' for all the SAP running jobs. This HEARTBEAT was used by the CA Workload Automation AutoSys Edition (WAAE) Event Processor v4.5.x to monitor the status of the CAJMASAP job. However, since WAAE 11.3,  the Scheduler does not support CAJMASAP Hearbeat, hence the heartbeat is treated as an Operating System abort signal ("Aborted, Signal 17") and the CAJMASAP  job is marked as FAILURE. The result is the job terminating in Workload Automation AE, but continuing to run to completion in SAP.

This can happen to any CAJMASAP  job that runs longer than one minute. 

The below are the default Heartbeat values. 

- The Poll Interval is set to 15 (seconds) 

- The Heartbeat pace is set to 4 (seconds)



This can be resolved with a change in the values of heartbeat pace and polling interval. 

A quick workaround would be to increase the heartbeat pace to 999 with a polling interval set to 200.

This is going to extend the heartbeat interval to approximately, 25 hours. 

These settings are activated with the CA Job Management Adapter for SAP configuration assistant utility: casapjmacfg.

 If you have long running CA Job Management Adapter for SAP jobs which take more than 25 hours to finish, you might encounter the error again; otherwise these settings will be OK for you without installing any patch. 

Note: CA doesn't have a recommended value for these settings, since these would vary from case to case, based on the workload for each customer. It is recommended to work out the best value based on the workload.


There is a newer CA Job Management Adapter for SAP Service Pack (r3.2 SP3) that will allow that heartbeat functionality to be turned off. In the CA Job Management Adapter for SAP r3.2 SP3, it is possible to set the heartbeat pace to 0 so that it just does not send any heartbeats at all.