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CA OPS/MVS fails to start using OPSVIEW option 4.6. I receive an OPS460S message.


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Trying to start OPSMAIN from OPSVIEW option 4.6 for the very first time on one of the LPARs and received OPS/ISPF error message: OPS460S 'START failed'. ALARM=YES


Release: PVLA2.00200-12.2-OPS/MVS-Event Management & Automation-for JES2


OPSCMD not pre-authorized to be used prior to OPSMAIN being initialized.


  1. Go to a console (via TSO/ISPF)
  2. Issue the MVS START command and OPSMAIN will started OK.
  3. See the member IKJTSO00 in the hlq.CCLXCNTL dataset. CA OPS/MVS supplies an example of what OPS/MVS command processors may need authorized for use prior to OPSMAIN being started.

Additional Information

How to Start a Copy of the Product (Option 4.6)

Note: If no copy of CA OPS/MVS is up (in other words, you are attempting to start the first version), the OPSCMD TSO command processor must be APF-authorized before you use option 4.6. However, if the production version of CA OPS/MVS is already running and you want to start a test copy, the OPSCMD TSO command processor does not have to be APF-authorized.