"Database upgrade not required" after applying API Gateway Application Update
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"Database upgrade not required" after applying API Gateway Application Update


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway




The CA API Gateway can be deployed with the CA Mobile API Gateway add-on package to provide extended functionality for products and technologies used in the mobile application space. This add-on package is deployed in the form of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux RPM package. The presence of this package prior to a Gateway Application Update can result in a failed upgrade. Furthermore, the Application Update will falsely report that it applied successfully. This article will prescribe the steps for troubleshooting this behaviour and resolving it so that the API Gateway can be updated.

The API Gateway also has a strict compatibility requirement with certain versions of the MAG. It may be necessary to upgrade the MAG during the course of your Gateway upgrade. Please consult the following article for information on which version(s) of the MAG work with which versions of the Gateway: API Gateway: Compatibility with the API Developer Portal and Mobile API Gateway


One of the following messages or issues may occur if an API Gateway is subject to this issue.

The following message may be printed when attempting to perform an upgrade of the API Gateway database:

Gateway Database Upgrader. 
Enter 'quit' to exit at any time. 
Database upgrade not required. 

The API Gateway may not reflect the correct version number at the head of the Gateway configuration (ssgconfig) menu.


If the messages or issues above occur then verify whether the Mobile API Gateway (MAG) RPM package is installed by running the following command from the privileged shell of the API Gateway: rpm -q ssg-mag

The above command will print out a package name and version (such as ssg-mag-2.2.01-1.noarch) if the RPM is installed. If the RPM is installed then it must be removed and certain steps executed in order to complete the Application Update.


Log in to the API Gateway and access the privileged shell of the appliance for all nodes that are being upgraded and have the MAG RPM installed. Execute the following procedure:

  1. Remove the MAG RPM: rpm -e ssg-mag
  2. Remove any patch status files: mv /opt/SecureSpan/Controller/var/patches/*.status /tmp
  3. Exit the privileged shell.
  4. Upload and install the decided Application Update.
  5. Attempt to upgrade the Gateway database.

The Gateway should indicate that a database upgrade is required and it should complete successfully. Please contact CA Support if the issue is not resolved and provide the following items from the API Gateway:

  • /opt/SecureSpan/Controller/var/log/patches.log
  • ls -l /opt/SecureSpan/Controller/var/patches/
  • rpm -qa | grep ssg


Component: APIGTW