Upgrading to new version of ITCM fails with Java errors
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Upgrading to new version of ITCM fails with Java errors


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What could be done if upgrade fails with 1603 and we see the following Java Errors in the logs:

210416-14:20:00.1592640L|004504|00001db0|ITRM |SQLServerInstall|InstallDb2.cpp |000727|DETAIL | run command: <E:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\Mdb\Windows\jre\bin\java.exe -Djava.library.path=".\lib" -classpath .\lib\log4j-.2.8.jar;.\lib\ojdbc14.jar;.\lib\sqljdbc.jar;.\setup.jar; .\;.\msql\post_install.sql ca.cms.mdb.setup.Setup -cfg setup.properties -a checkprereq_install/install/verifyschema/addusers/postinstall> 


CA Client Automation - All Versions


Sometimes the previous versions of Java do not work with the new versions of Java, especially if you have upgraded from previous versions. 

Delete or Rename the following folders and try the upgrade again:

  1. Go to %TEMP% 

     If there is a Temp\<Number Folder>  Then Delete everything from that folder.

     Then go to the temp folder and delete everything , except for  the Temp\<Number folder>


  1. On the DSM Server : 

   Rename the CA\SC\JRE folder, so the new version of Java is placed in that folder.

That should ensure that the Upgrade is using the correct Java version for the Install.