MSP: Durations for Fixed Duration Tasks with Dependencies increase (DE29608)


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In the Microsoft Project (MSP) New Driver, durations for fixed duration tasks with dependencies increase each time a project is saved to PPM and exported back to MSP if dates are not expected based on the dependency relationship 

Steps to reproduce: 
1. Create a project in PPM 

2. Add 2 tasks with the below details 
• Task 1 - Start date 8/23/16, Finish Date 8/29/16, % complete 5%, and Fixed Duration checked 
• Task 2 - Start Date 8/23/16, Finish Date 9/29/16, % complete 14% and Fixed Duration checked 

3. Create a Predecessor for Task 2:

  • Click on Task 2, navigate to the Properties drop down and select 'Dependencies'
  • Click New
  • Select the radio button next to Task 1 and click Next
  • Ensure the below details are set and click 'Save and Return'
  • Relationship: Predecessor
  • Type: Finish-Start 

4. Go to 'Open in Scheduler' -> 'Microsoft Project [Read-Write]' to open the project in MSP 
Results: Finish date of the 2nd task has increased to 10/3/16, % Complete is now 13% and duration has increased by 1.08 days to adjust for the dependency relationship 
Note: In MSP Options->Schedule, 'Calculate project after each edit' has to be set to 'On' to see this issue 

5. Save the project back to PPM

6. Open the project in MSP again

Expected Results: Start/Finish Dates, % Complete and Durations match what was in PPM. (Finish date of Task 2 is 10/3/16, % Complete is 13% and Duration is 29.08 days) 
Actual Results: For Task 2, the Duration is now 30.3 days, Finish Date is now 10/4/16, and the % complete is now 12%. 


This is caused by CLRT-81393/DE29608


This issue applies to 14.3, 14.4, 15.1, and 15.2 with the MSP new driver.


This issue is resolved in CA PPM 15.3.

Workaround: Adjust the dependency start/finish dates so that they coincide with the expected start/finish dates based on the dependency relationship. So, for the example above, update the Start Date for Task 2 to 8/30/2016.