Database upgrade on 7.0 fails due to ndbinfo engine
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Database upgrade on 7.0 fails due to ndbinfo engine


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway




Prior to version 7 of the Layer 7 Gateway, the gateway was using a particular branch of the MySQL RDBMS suite that has been changed requiring that the internal table structure needs to be updated to support the newer framework. Once running the mysql_update?command to update the database, errors may be encountered.


Complications during the database upgrade may present with the following error output when running the MySQL update binary:

Error??? : Unknown storage engine 'ndbinfo'
error??? : Corrupt

This error message may be repeated multiple times. This is because multiple tables may be dependency tables that utilize the older framework of MySQL.

Troubleshooting and Resolution

Base tables will not be able to be updated as the dependent MySQL engine components are not present and not required. Specifically, the ndbinfo?storage engine is required for these tables but is no longer required as it is?a remnant from old versions, and?should be dropped in order to proceed without error.?

1) Log in as the ssgconfig user through either the console or SSH connection
2) Select option 3 for elevated privileges
3)?Run this command from the root prompt: mysql -u root -p -e "drop database ndbinfo"?
4)?Then run this command: mysql_upgrade??


Component: APIGTW