Does UFO online suppress CICS transaction dumps
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Does UFO online suppress CICS transaction dumps


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Does UFO online suppress CICS transaction dumps? I would like to acquire a transaction dump from a UFO CICS application program and have been unable to acquire one.



Release: ESBUFO99000-3.2-Extended Support Basic-for UFO


CICS says the following as it pertains to suppressing dumps: 

In general, CICS requests a dump when a transaction or CICS system abend occurs. The dumping environment determines whether or not a dump is taken. 
CICS does not take a transaction dump if a HANDLE ABEND is active at the current logical level. This is called an implicit HANDLE ABEND and causes the suppression of transaction dumps. To make PL/I on units work, PL/I library routines can issue HANDLE ABEND. The NODUMP option on an EXECS CICS ABEND command, an internal call, or the transaction definition, prevents the taking of a transaction dump. 

UFO does suppress CICS transaction dumps. However, transaction dumps can be generated if an ABEXIT parameter followed by a NO is added to the UFO transaction: