How to apply RO86776 windows 10 certification patch?
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How to apply RO86776 windows 10 certification patch?


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How is the Windows 10 Certification patch RO86776 applied to Domain Managers, Remote DSM Explorers, and Agents in R12.9?



CA Client Automation - All Versions 



After extracting RO86776 by running the following command:

Cazipxp -u RO86776.CAZ 

There is a RO86776.TXT file with directions for applying the Patch.

The Manager_Explorer.JCL should be applied to Domain Managers and Remote DSM Explorer's Not running the windows 10 operating system. Applying Manager_Explorer.JCL will allow the DSM Explorer on Domain Managers and  Remote DSM Explorer's to recognize DSM Agents that are running on Windows 10 Operating system's if the agents also are patched for windows 10.

If the Remote DSM Explorer is running on a windows 10 OS then Agent.JCL  should be applied, it will update the DSM explorer as well as the windows 10 Agent plugin.

Agent.JCL could also be applied directly to any DSM agent machine with the 12.9 DSM agent version running on a windows 10 Operating System.  


Additional Information:

Applyptf as well as Cazipxp and Cazip, used for Extracting the Patch,  can be downloaded from:

To download RO86776 enter it under:

Search by Fix/Patch Number: and click Go



Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence