Unable to configure or enable the Enterprise Service Manager via the Gateway configuration menu
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Unable to configure or enable the Enterprise Service Manager via the Gateway configuration menu


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STARTER PACK-7 CA API Gateway CA API Gateway Enterprise Service Manager (Layer 7)


The CA API Gateway configuration menu has an area for configuring and enabling the CA API Gateway Enterprise Service Manager. A rare circumstance may occur that prevents that menu from working properly.

This behavior may present error messages or error states in one of three places: The Gateway configuration menu, an ESM log file, or a particular configuration file. The specific presentation in these areas is discussed below.

Gateway configuration menu

The options within the Display the Enterprise Service Manager configuration manager may not be accepted. Selecting an option may result in the following console output with no additional menu options or change in status:

This menu allows you to configure the Enterprise Service Manager
What would you like to do?

1) Configure the Enterprise Service Manager
2) Disable the Enterprise Service Manager
3) Reset password for ESM user account
X) Exit menu

Please make a selection: 1
Press [Enter] to continue

Enterprise Service Manager logs

A log entry will also be recorded in the log file located at /opt/SecureSpan/EnterpriseManager/config/config.log:

[WARNING]: Cannot perform 'auto' at this time (configuration service not available).

Enterprise Service Manager configuration files

These items typically indicate a permission or ownership issue with a critical configuration files. The valid permissions and ownership of this file are as follows (with applicable portions emboldened)

-rw-rw-r-- 1 layer7 layer7 226 Nov 25 15:44 /opt/SecureSpan/EnterpriseManager/var/emconfig.properties



Component: APIESM


Ensure that the permissions and ownership are set appropriately for the ESM server configuration files:

  1. Change the permissions: chmod 664 /opt/SecureSpan/EnterpriseManager/var/emconfig.properties
  2. Change the ownership: chown layer7:layer7 /opt/SecureSpan/EnterpriseManager/var/emconfig.properties
  3. Verify that these changes were set correctly: ls -l /opt/SecureSpan/EnterpriseManager/var/emconfig.properties

Proper verification of these settings should allow an operator or administrator to enable or configure the ESM service without further issues