Backing up ESM-only appliances
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Backing up ESM-only appliances


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STARTER PACK-7 CA API Gateway CA API Gateway Enterprise Service Manager (Layer 7)


The Enterprise Service Manager component cannot be backed up individually as of version 7.0 of the SecureSpan Gateway. To address this limitation, the following procedure has been created to allow an administrator to back up and restore an ESM instance to a new virtual appliance


CA API Gateway 7.0+


Configure a Gateway database node

  1. Log onto the Gateway as the ssgconfig user.
  2. Select Option 2: Display Layer 7 Gateway configuration menu.
  3. Select Option 2: Create a new Layer 7 Gateway database.
  4. Configure a new Gateway database on the local appliance.
  5. When prompted, do not?opt to enable the Gateway.
  6. Select Option X: Exit menu.

Back up the Gateway database and ESM configuration

  1. Select Option 3: Use a privileged shell (root).
  2. Stop the Enterprise Service Manager: service ssem stop
  3. Take a Gateway database and ESM backup: /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/config/backup/ -v -image -esm
  4. Copy the image created to the new virtual appliance.

Restore the Gateway backup image

NOTE: Some steps may need to be modified to match your environment configuration.

  1. Move the backup image to the proper directory: mv /home/ssgconfig/ /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/config/backup/images
  2. Restore the backup image: -v -image images/ -esm -dbu root -dbp 7layer
  3. Restart the Gateway appliance.

Remove the restored Gateway database node

1. Log into the Gateway as the ssgconfig user.

2. Select Option 2: Display Layer 7 Gateway configuration menu.

3. Delete the Layer 7 Gateway node and database.

4. Select Option X: Exit menu.


Enable the Enterprise Service Manager

1. Select Option 7: Display Enterprise Service Manager configuration menu.

2. Select Option 2: Enable the Enterprise Service Manager

3. Follow the remaining prompts.


Configure remaining appliance options

Depending on the environment and the contents of the backup image being restored, there may be additional configuration items that must be addressed such as the network configuration of the appliance.