11.5 Web Viewer CPU was at 90-100%
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11.5 Web Viewer CPU was at 90-100%


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11.5 Web Viewer using excessive CPU (90-100%), why?


Windows (2008, 2012) Server


There are multiple situations that cause excessive CPU consumption, but one common and easily identified cause is Web Viewer Support Logging being enabled at a disruptive level.


1. Check the Web Viewer Administration Tool, Configure Server Settings, Enable Support Logging and Level settings.

2. If Support Logging is Enabled and Level is above 50 (and you are NOT collecting verbose OMLogs as instructed by CA Support), change the Level to 50 and optionally, disable Support Logging. The level should be 50 AND Support Logging should be disabled if you are not experiencing problems.

Additional Information

Please note that on 64bit operating systems (like Windows 2008/2012 r2 Server), all 32bit utilities (like the Web Viewer Administration Tool, the CCIPC Configuration tool and even the Windows CMD Prompt) should be run “As Administrator.”