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Time based Auditlog Rollover does not work


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We're running a Policy Server, and we noticed that the smaccess log is not being rolled over at the scheduled time (Everyday @ 00:00 hours) on Siteminder 12.52 SP1 Cr5 Policy Sever.

This happens for time based Audit log rollover even though the LastRolloverTime registry is set to 0 as below:


LastRolloverTime= 0; REG_DWORD

How can we solve this ?



The algorithm is failing when the roll time is set to 00:00. The algorithm will work if the roll time is set to 23:59




Policy Server 12.52SP1CR05 build 2112 on RedHat 6.8 64bit


This issue has been resolved in Policy Server 12.52 SP1 CR8


You can apply below workaround pending your upgrade to the 12.52 SP1 CR8 Policy Server where this issue has been resolved

The work around to resolve the issue is to set the Audit Logfile Rollover time to 23:59.