TCPIP connection to the host failed when using Asset Viewer or AMS
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TCPIP connection to the host failed when using Asset Viewer or AMS


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CA IT Asset Manager ASSET PORTFOLIO MGMT- SERVER CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management


In CA Asset Portfolio Manager (APM), when selecting the asset viewer - owned information, or the asset viewer - discovered information link,  it errors with: TCPIP connection to the host failed. 


CA Asset Portfolio Management 14.1 and higher

Cause file is missing the connection information


1. On the APM application server, stop the Apache Tomcat AMS service

2. Edit the file, typically, located on the APM application server, in this path: 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\AMS\Tomcat\webapps\AMS\WEB-INF\classes

3. Locate and update the following entries with your specific SQL Server database and APM web server connection information: 


   itamwebserviceurl=http\://[EXAMPLE-ITAM-SERVER]\:80/ITAMService/Service.asmx   <-- this is the correct syntax

4. Close the APM web browser, start the Apache Tomcat AMS service and retest the 'asset viewer - owned information' link. 

Additional Information

The passwords in the file are encrypted.  To verify an encrypted password, download the APM password encryption tool from this URL:  DB Password Encryption Information

Note: The file requires a backslash character (\) before any colon (:) or equals (=) symbols in the file. 

Examples:  the URL http:// should read http\://

an encrypted password, like XXXXXX== should read XXXXXX\=\=