After deleting a device from NFA it does not come back even after verifying that Netflow is still being received at the Harvester.


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Occasionally, after deleting a device from NFA's Administration->Enable Interfaces screen, it does not show up again in NFA even after verifying valid Netflow is being resolved by the Harvester.



This can occur sometimes if there are some orphaned records for the router in one of the NFA databases.


NFA 9.3.3 and Earlier.


**Note** Do not attempt this procedure on any version after NFA 9.3.3 as the database structure has changed and this can cause harm to your database.

1. Double check that the device is still not showing up in the "Administration->Enable Interfaces" screen.  If it is there try to simply enable the interfaces on the device, they do not enable you can try deleting the device from here.


2. If it is not in the "Enable Interfaces" screen, RDP to the NFA Console Server and run the query below on the Console server, using the device IP address and see if it shows up: 

mysql -P3308 -D reporter -t -e "select * from routers where routerAddress=inet_aton('');" 


3. If it does show up in that query and is not in the "Enable Interfaces"  screen, run the following command on the NFA Console Server to delete it, again substituting in your IP address: 

mysql -P3308 -D reporter -t -e "delete from routers where routerAddress=inet_aton('');" 



4. Then RDP over to the the Harvester Server and run the commands below Substituting in your missing router's IP address:

mysql -P3308 -D poller -t -e "delete from persistent_map where routerid in (select id from routers where address='');


mysql -P3308 -D poller -t -e "delete from routers where address='';" 


5. Then run the following against the Harvester database. 

Note if you have any manually set samplerateoverride values set to account for Sampled Netflow, you will need to reapply the samplerateoverride settings after this procedure.

(**WARNING** do not change the commands below, they can only be run on the Harvester database only.) 

mysql -P3308 -D harvester -t -e "truncate routers;" 

mysql -P3308 -D harvester -t -e "truncate interfaces;" 


Note that it is normal for mysql to show 0 rows affected after a truncate command is issued.  Also note this will not cause  a loss of data if run on the Harvester server. 


6. Then recycle the "CA NFA Harvester" service, and wait about 15-30 minutes and see if the device shows up again in the "Enable Interfaces" page.


7. If you still do not see the device and are sure Netflow data is coming in from the device, please contact CA Support and reference this document, as additional cleanup may be necessary.